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Your front door is the first thing that visitors see up close. Impress them at first glance with a stylish and traditional door canopy. They don't just offer extra weather protection to visitors and your brickwork; door canopies can look stunning as well. It elevates your home to a whole new level.


K Plastics construct door canopies in uPVC. They're more durable than brick or stone canopies, and can easily be tailored to any design of your choosing.

A portico makes your home look like a film star's home. Our Washington portico can be adapted with different styles of columns, and can have a flat or peaked roof. Call us to get a free quote today.

Awnings perform two vital functions for your business. They provide weather protection, and advertise your business to passers-by. We can supply plastic awnings to your specification, at a very competitive price.



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